Jason's Restomod
The Story

I purchased this is in January of 2002 from Phil Stallings Classic Cars. I was so excited; I had always wanted a classic Mustang, ever since I was little. I purchased the car for $6,250.00. Which, if I would have known the condition of the car before hand, would never have paid. But buying a classic car NEVER goes that way. You buy what you think will be a good car to restore, tear into it and realize you have you work cut out for you. Well... Like I said I bought the car in January of 2002. Drove the car approx. 1 month when the fuel pump went out on me. Instead of just replacing the fuel pump I decided to tear the whole motor out and strip the engine compartment down to bare metal. I repaired the rotted metal, repainted and installed a new 289 that I had laying in the garage from a previous project. The car was great, other than the rotten floor boards, bent spindle, rotten rear frame rails, etc, etc, etc. Well driving home 1 night I went over a large bump and heard a funny ripping sound. The sound was the rear shackle coming through the trunk floor :( Well needless to say that’s when this whole project really started. I began wanting to just replace the rear frame rails and get the car back on the road BUT... the "while I'm at it’s took over. The more I dug into the car the worse it looked. Rotten rear frame rails, floor boards, fender aprons, wheel wells, fenders, the list goes on. So.. The car went down to the shell. Not 1 bolt, screw, nut or rivet was left in the car. From there I started the Metal repair. First working on the rear rails and floor boards. Once they were done I worked on the engine compartment and front frame rails. Then the front fender aprons and core support. Once all the old metal was out and the new in. About then I found out I was loosing my Garage space, my mother and step father were splitting leaving me without a garage. SO, quickly, I built a small "blasting room" in my garage. I blasted every inch of the car except the body panels. From there I cleaned the whole car with an etching acid and used POR-15 on every surface that got blasted. Lowered the car back down on the new suspension just in time to load the car on a trailer and haul it away.

Luckily I did find another place to work on the car. There I started the body work on the engine compartment. I plug welded every hole in the engine compartment I didn't need. Cut away old brackets I no longer needed, etc. The whole compartment was smoothed and finished. Then, right as I finished that stage I had to move the car again. This time to my grandparents where I started the body work. Back when I had the car at my garage I stripped the whole body down to bare metal, treated with an etching acid and primed with a 2 part epoxy primer to seal everything up. All body work is done on top of the primer to prevent rust. I installed new quarter panel skins on both side, smoothed out a few dings in the roof, re-smoothed all the factory lead joints etc. The whole body has been block sanded; I don’t know how many times. Right about that time.. I had to move the car again. This time to a warehouse. There I was able to do more work on the body, smooth the taillight panel, work on repairing the fenders, smoothing the 1/4's into the extensions, etc. Then work stopped around April 2004. The car has sat there since.