Jason's Restomod  


  Pictures from Phil Stalling Classic Cars website

These are pictures of the car from Phil Stalling Classic Cars. I found the car through the internet. Going into that shop is like walking into a working car show. Everything there is awesome. I highly recommend looking at there inventory if you looking for something special.
  The Day I went to look at the car.. Amazingly its the same day I bought the car.

All the pictures are from when I purchased the car. I actually came back up 2 weeks later to pick the car up since the weather was really bad, and the car hadn't been driven in years. I did have to drive the car home with some snow on the ground. I must say it sucked. No heat, No interior lights, Not knowing the rear vents are open :( you get the idea.
  During/After pictures of the first time I blasted the engine compartment

After the fuel pump went out, I decided, why not just redo the whole engine compartment. Here are some of the during and after pictures of the engine compartment. I also added the insurance pictures.
  Teardown, the beginning
This is where the teardown began. I don't have to many pictures as the process went very fast. I stripped the whole car of its interior, body, driveline etc. Once stripped i pressure washed the entire car to remove 40+ years of road grime. I will say when i was down i have to shovel the mud and grime off the drive way, It was about 3" think around the car.
  Metal Repair (Blood, Sweat and Tears)

Once the car was washed and cleaned up. I starting in the rear of the car cutting away the rotten metal. Unfortunately this car had been "doctored" a few times before, none of which were ever done right.
  Final Cleaning of rotten metal and Sand Blasting

I was able to "rent" a Rotisserie from a fellow VMF'r for this process. The car was mounted on the otherwise for easy access to all areas. I built a "blasting room" in the garage out of 2x4's and plastic. And the fun began. Full respirator, 95+ degrees, 80% - 90% humidity, full blasting hood, etc in a room that is sealed from air movement. IT WAS NOT FUN AT ALL. But it looked so good after words :)

  Blasted, Primed and Rolling

Once the car was blasted, etched and primed the new suspension was bolted into place to be able to roll the car. Here are some pix of the primered car on its wheels.

  Finally, Body work!

At last, Bodywork, huh I say that now... I started on the engine compartment. The whole car will be painted silver with black striped, including the engine compartment. So the whole compartment was smoothed, Any wholes not needed were welded shut, smoothed out and block sanded. What is left, you just have to click to see.

  Finally, Body work Part 2

Once the engine compartment was done, It was time to move onto the rest of the body. Banging out dings in the roof, installing new 1/4 skins, Smoothing all factory lead seams. The roof, pillars, trunk, 1/4's and tail light panel are all block sanded and ready for paint. I stripped the doors and started repair on them.

none   Finally, Body work Part 3

The car has sat at this point for over a year and a half now. Only thing left to do is finish repair on the fenders, fit the front end parts, and rear valance and... :D PAINT IT.

none   Painters Lane - Body work Part 4

I moved my car into a shop called Painters Lane which I work at. Painters Lane is a new concept, It is a DIY Garage. Basically we provide the shop, tools and training to work on your own car. Check out the website for more info (www.painterslane.com)



Pictures of the car, finally in paint


  It's own garage!

The car now has its own home. Working on Brakes, Headliner, Wiring, Engine, Transmission...
  Almost the End!

Buttoning up Loose Ends:



Sound Deadening, Panels, Carpet, Seats, Harnsses, and everything else to make it comfy.
  331 Stroker

289 just didn't last... Had to upgrade
  Finishing Touches!

Lets get this thing on the Road!
  Car Shows

Awards and more awards
a   Misc Pictures

Misc pictures of concepts, colors, interior, etc.